Reiki course dates and costs

To book a place please call 07785180253 or email me at

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Reiki 1  (Cost: 195)

With increasing numbers of people asking for individual training, nowadays my level 1 and 2 courses are planned on request, with dates and times arranged to suit the student(s). Please get in touch by phone or email if you are interested and we will arrange something which is mutually convenient.  Weekdays are possible as well as weekends. Please allow at least three weeks ahead when requesting a date, preferably longer, to allow preparation time for both teacher and student.

These personal courses are usually done in one and a half days of contact time with me. It is important to allow a further day for personal practice, study and reflection. If there are two or more people then we usually allow two full days of contact time so that you can practise on each other with my supervision. 

If you feel strongly that you would prefer to learn in a group, we can set a date 6 - 8 weeks (or more) in advance, and I will then advertise it so that others can join.

It is advisable to experience at least one Reiki treatment yourself in the weeks leading up to your attunement. This does not have to be with me. However, booking a treatment with me is a good way to meet me, to experience what you will be learning to do, and to be sure that you are happy with me as a teacher.

Reiki 2  (Cost: 255)

Reiki level 2 is arranged as a one-day course, plus at least one further day of private study and practice. If two people or more, there is the option of reconvening the following day to practise Reiki on each other, using your new Reiki 2 tools and techniques. See above re booking options.

You must have a Reiki 1 certificate before finalising your booking for Reiki 2 and it is advisable that you have spent at least three months practising Reiki since your level 1 training.

Reiki 2 Refresher 

Cost: From 55 to 95 depending on group size and time allocated.

A short day (or a full day if a large group) to revise Reiki 2 learning and reconnect to the symbols, for those who need a boost for their Reiki practice or who have not used Reiki for a while. This may also take the form of a seminar on the ethics and practicalities of setting up as a professional practitioner, for those students preparing to offer treatments to the public.

Reiki 3 (Reiki Master Practitioner) 

Cost: 355.

Reiki level 3 (Master Practitioner) is normally over two whole contact days plus at least one further day of personal study and practice. You will also keep a journal of your practice for several months following the course. 

To be eligible you must have a Reiki 2 certificate and have practised Reiki for approximately one year since your level 2 training.

Reiki 4 (Reiki Master Teacher)

Level 4 (Reiki teacher training) courses are arranged on request. This is usually two days of initial contact time with me, followed by approximately six months of personal study and practice, with ongoing supervision.

To book a place or for further information on any of the above courses please call 07785 180253 or email me at


Please note that if you are on a low income and the cost of any of the courses is a genuine challenge then it may be possible to pay in two or three instalments (with the final instalment on the first day of the course).  However, as a deposit is paid when booking and the remainder on the first day of the course, this also helps to split the cost for everyone.