Why learn to channel Reiki?

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Reiki is beautiful, balancing, harmonious energy which is readily available.  Once you are attuned to the Reiki energy, you will be able to channel it for the rest of your life, whenever you choose to do so.  For many people Reiki feels so life-enhancing they wonder how they managed without it!  Reiki works only for the highest good of the recipient - whether it be a person, a pet, a plant or a difficult situation - and it also benefits the practitioner who channels it.  

Reiki is gentle, requires no special equipment and can be used in virtually any circumstances.  It can be used hands-on or at a distance.  Reiki crosses all boundaries of culture, language, belief and religion. Many people find Reiki comes into their life at just the right time, helping them develop greater insights into themselves, their life purpose and the challenges they face.  See Students' Comments to give you some idea of how newly-attuned people feel.

Reiki may help the whole body and indeed the whole person to balance and heal.  It may be helpful not only in physical ailments but in emotional and mental imbalances.  Reiki may also support us in making life changes, helping us let go of unhelpful habits and behaviour patterns, and bringing the insights which enable us to make the change. 

In being drawn to Reiki and thinking of learning to apply and receive this healing energy, I believe you are embracing the divine purpose which seeks to restore harmony, light and peace to all beings. As individuals, Reiki can help us grow to become who we truly are. Collectively, Reiki can help us raise the vibration of our planet, bringing healing to people, situations, societies and nations. It is a light on our soul's journey.

Reiki helps us translate our spiritual inspiration into constructive practice. It has many practical, everyday applications. Our human hands can be used to help heal ourselves and others, and Reiki is experienced as a safe, gentle yet powerful tool which works only for our highest good.

If you are thinking of learning to channel Reiki, it is a good idea to experience at least one or two Reiki healing sessions for yourself first. Take time to talk to prospective teachers and allow your intuition to guide you to the right person.

I wish you every blessing on your Reiki journey!